Pro Bono

Pro bono legal services for social and environmental projects.

Our team is available to evaluate the possibility to provide legal consultancy in relevant projects to favor our community. If you are engaged in such projects and requires our advice, please contact us.


NEX – No Extinction

Non-governmental organization for environmental education and protection of Brazilian fauna and flora, based in Corumbá de Goiás, Goiás State.

NEX is a non-profit civil association that has been contributing to the preservation and defense of the endangered Felidae of Brazil´s fauna for 16 years.

The organization is home to wild cats at the request of IBAMA, Brazilian’s federal environmental agency. These animals are survivors of hunting, trafficking or the destruction of their natural habitat. NEX also promotes environmental initiatives and education, such as the Project Onças Ajudando Gente (Jaguars Helping People), it seeks to integrate the local community in pro environmental actions, in addition to providing professional qualification, employment and income for low-income families.

NEX is based in Brasília and the nursery maintained by the organization is located in Corumbá de GoiásGO, about 80 km from Brasília.

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The Grendacc Hospital is a non-profit civil association that aims at social and philanthropic assistance to children and teenagers subjected to treatment of oncological and hematological problems.

Based in the city of Jundiaí, São Paulo, the Hospital’s mission is to provide the means necessary for the treatment of cancer of our children and teenagers to be as efficient as possible with the goal of healing and quality of life.

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