Public procurement and contracts

  • Administrative and judicial challenge of bidding documents
  • Advice on public procurement
  • Advice on waiver of public procurement proceedings
  • Judicial challenge of decisions issued on public procurement proceedings
  • Legal advice during the performance of public contracts
  • Filling of petitions related to public contracts
  • Petition for rebalancing the economic and financial equation of the public contract
  • Legal action in defense of the private parties to a public contract
  • Sanctioning proceedings
  • Administrative misconduct
  • Representation before courts of audits and comptroller’s offices

Regulation and infrastructure

  • Representation before regulatory agencies (ANTT, ANTAQ, ANAC, ANEEL, ANVISA, ANATEL, among others)
  • Concessions and Public-Private Partnerships
  • Legal advice on infrastructure designs in regulated sectors

Competition and antitrust

  • Representation before the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE)
  • Judicial challenge of CADE’s decisions
  • Structuring and monitoring competition compliance programs
  • Advice on leniency agreements and terms of cease-and-desist commitments


  • Representation in domestic and international arbitrations
  • Ad Hoc or institutional arbitrations involving private agents
  • Arbitration with Public Administration
  • Advice on the applicability of Brazilian law

Legal advice to foreign investors

  • Regulatory environment assessment
  • Consultancy for obtaining licenses and permits before public agencies
  • Consultancy for investment prospecting and due diligence
  • Advice and litigation services to protect investments in Brazil

Courts of Audits

  • Legal practice before the Federal Court of Audits (TCU)
  • Legal practice before the Regional Court of Audits (TCDF)

Superior Courts

  • Specialized legal practice before the Federal Supreme Court and the Superior Court of Justice in several areas of law.